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Privacy policy

Date of first publication and last revision
Date of first publication: July 10, 2022
Last revised: December 10, 2022

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

This site may ask you to enter your name, e-mail address, and other personal information when you make an inquiry or comment on an article. The personal information obtained will only be used to respond to your inquiry, or to contact you by e-mail or other means with necessary information, and will not be used for any other purpose.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
Personal information on this site will be managed appropriately and will not be disclosed to third parties, except in the following cases:

when we have the consent of the person concerned;
or when disclosure is necessary to comply with laws and regulations, etc.

Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Deletion, or Suspension of Use of Personal Information

When someone requests the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or suspension of use of his/her personal data, we will promptly respond to the request after confirming the person’s identity.

Distribution of Advertisements

This website uses a third-party advertising service, Google Adsense, which relies on cookies to deliver advertisements based on information about the website that you have accessed in the past. The ad-serving provider uses the cookie to display advertisements for products and services based on your interests and needs. Cookies do not contain any information that can personally identify you, such as your name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number.

You can disable personalized advertising in your ad settings. Alternatively, you can also disable cookies from third-party delivery providers used for personalized advertising by visiting www.aboutads.info.

If you have not disabled third-party ad serving, cookies from third-party providers and ad networks may be used when serving ads. Advertisements served by third-party distributors and ad networks will appear on the site. You can disable the cookies used to serve personalized ads by visiting these websites. Alternatively, you can also disable cookies used by third-party distributors for the placement of personalized ads by visiting www.aboutads.info.

Access Analysis Tools

This website uses the access analysis tool “Google Analytics.” Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data, which is collected anonymously and does not personally identify you. You can refuse the collection of information typically gathered by this tool by disabling cookies, so please check your browser settings.

About the Inquiry Form

When you contact us through the inquiry form on this site, we ask you to provide your name, e-mail address, and other personal information. This information will only be used to contact you in response to your question and will not be used for any other purpose.

Copyrights and Portrait Rights

We do not waive copyrights for the text, images, and other materials on this site. The unauthorized reproduction of information on this site, including text, images, videos, and other copyrighted material, is strictly prohibited. Legal action will be taken for anything that exceeds the scope of quotation. If you wish to reprint any of the information available on the site, please get in touch with us through the “Contact Us” page.

This site is not intended to infringe upon any copyrights. The intellectual property rights of the copyrighted materials used belong to their respective authors and organizations. Please contact us if you have any problems regarding copyrights or portrait rights. If we receive a warning from the copyright owner or a request for modification or removal of the materials, we will take prompt action or will remove the material immediately.

Linking to this site

This site is basically link-free. You do not need to contact us for permission to link to our site. However, please refrain from linking directly to images on this site or using inline frames for the content found on this site.

Disclaimer of this Site

While every effort has been made to ensure that the content and information on this site is as accurate as possible, we cannot necessarily guarantee the accuracy or safety of such information. It is possible that erroneous information may have been included, or that the information provided here may be outdated. We are not responsible for any problems, losses, or damages caused by the content of this website. Please be aware of this in advance.

This disclaimer and all articles posted on this site are subject to changes or deletion without notice.

Changes to this Site’s Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

This site will comply with Japanese laws and regulations that are applicable to personal information and will review and improve upon this policy and disclaimer from time to time. The revised and updated privacy policy and disclaimer will always be available on this page.